BEP Europe is part of an international group with headquarters in the US, global sales network and manufacture plants in US,Belgium and Asia. BEP Europe is an engineering company producing test systems for automotive industry:

  • End-of-Line Production Test Systems for:
    • Wheel alignment (toe, camber, caster)
    • Headlight Aiming
    • Roll & Brake
    • Rattle & Twist
    • Driver Assistance
    • Powertrain & drivetrain
  • Wheel & Tire Assembly Systems
  • Vision Systems, Machine Control & Data Acquisition Systems
  • Dynamometers

Products porfolio

BEP Europe employs over 450 emlpoyees worldvide in production facilities  larger than 20.000 m2 of production area.

The part of manufacturing program BEP Europe is technology ORC E-Rational. BEP's engineers developed  ORC technology processing waste and process heat in the form of hot water, steam or thermal oil. It features a wide possibility of applications and low operating costs with maximum possible efficiency.

E-Rational technology converts low-potential waste and process heat into electricity or compressed air.

BEP’s ENERGY – E-Rational mission is to provide sustainable energy solutions based on common sense: No Heat To Waste!