About GB Energy

GB Energy Europe uses exclusively environmentally friendly technologies.

The technologies that we supply are designed to increase the energy efficiency of individual applications with the highest potential efficiency and a quick return on investment.

GB Energy Europe – the concept of Energy Technology includes seven main areas:

1. E-Rational ORC technology – for production of electricity from waste and process heat in any form. Unit for use of low potential heat for transformation into electricity.

2. M.S.W. Energy Solution - Sophisticated „ Energy Technology Concept for Municipal Solid Waste “
comprehensive solution of treatment of municipal waste, industrial waste, light packaging materials
and polymers, household waste, plastic bottles or paper recycling, with consequent high efficiency,
up to 90 % energy recovery of raw materials to energy ending.

3. Biomass Gasification Technology – for processing of all types of biomass including the waste one, the exceptional worldwide patented technology of "Powder-fluidized Gasifier" - production of electricity and heat (CHP) or Tri-generation, also the possibility to produce the Syn-Gas gas for industrial use (as replacement of natural gas) and production of Bio Diesel.

4. Depolymerisation Technology - unique proven technology is representing the concept of new and high standard for the secondary utilization of material in the field of renewable energy, using plastic waste, used tires and all types of waste polymers as the raw material input. Low Catalytic Depolymerization is a technology for the synthetic oil processing, the product is patented fuel Polyfuel, a hydrocarbon liquid, composed of petrol, kerosene and diesel, or producing only Diesel, final possibility CHP or Trigeneration technology for producing heat, electricity or cooling.

5. Energy Management - „Quality Power Soution & Energy and Voltage Optimization Management“ – Energy Saving technology and improvement of electricity quality for all kinds of equipment and for all types of buildings and technological facilities.

6. Centrifugal Cleaning Oil System – patented technology for purification of all kinds of oils.

7. Energy Storage – highly sophisticated technology for all kinds of Energy Storage with subsequent distribution.

GB Energy Europe specializes in solutions for energy costs savings related to the operation of technological systems and objects by increasing energy efficiency at various applications.

Schematic ORC

GB Energy Europe uses proven technologies based on the utilization of technological and waste heat from the industrial processes and renewable energy. We supply technologies with the greatest possible efficiency and attractive return of investment.

The structure of GB Energy Europe activities includes:

  • The complete solution for your energy needs.
  • Specialized consultancy in the structure of supplied technologies.
  • Engineering and project implementation.
  • Processing the project documentation.
  • Engineering supervision of the activities associated with supplied technologies.
  • We guarantee maximum quality of services provided and verified technologies with proven results.
  • Complete realization of turnkey projects.
  • Solutions that maximize your profits and minimize your risk.
  • Technologies we supply helps to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Technological equipment that we suply meets the highest environmental requirements and standards.