• Illustration imageAs a medium can be used either hot water, thermal oil or low pressure steam
  • Modular and scalable design (outdoor version)
  • Automated system of control and inspection
  • Easy integration into the hydraulic circuit of warm (hot) water CHP
  • Simple installation (7 days to launch)
  • Contains only three main components with moving parts
  • Cooled by air or water
  • Production of electricity without a combustion process
  • No toxic combustion products
  • Remote control and monitoring
  • Automatic Start / Stop system

The E-Rational ORC transforms between 6–18% of low-temperature thermal energy, depending on the condensing temperature, to electricity.

What is the "E-Rational"?

The E-Rational is an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) unit based heat-to-power generating system. It captures waste energy from small, distributed hot medium sources such as stationary engine jacket water, biomass boilers,  geothermal and co-produced fluids to generate 50-500 kWe of  emissions-free electricity. Factory tested and available as a single unit or in multiples to match the available heat.

Will BEP’s E-Rational work on any recoverable heat source? 

The E-Rational performs best with hot water flows of 5.0-50.0 l/s at 85-150 °C. After generating electricity, the system’s working fluid must be condensed. Options for this include direct aircooled radiators, a cooling tower or surface water flows from 10,0-120,0 l/s with ideal temperatures between 4-38 °C.

What about hot side temperatures greater than 150 °C?

The patented expander and BEP’s ORC system specifically targets low temperature and prolific resources. Our current upper limit for input to the machine is 150 °C. However, if there is potential to reduce the hot water source via a secondary loop, the E-Rational can be utilized.

What is the environmental impact of using BEP‘s heat to power systems?

None. Units are fuel-free, 100% environmentally friendly and produce zero CO2 emissions. No EPA permitting is required.

Any maintenance is required?

Minor items, filter changes, pump, cooler maintenance etc. The E-Rational employs a positive displacement power block so the working fluid carries system lubricants in suspension. No oil pump, gear box or oil to change means minimal life cycle maintenance.

Any operator time is required?

Minimal due to BEP‘s E-Rational units are self-sufficient with on-board monitoring and controls, allowing either hand on or remote operation. The unit can be stopped, started and monitored at an offsite location via remote monitoring software.

How do I know if the BEP‘s E-Rational will work at my application?

GB Energy Europe provides a basic assessment of your application and analysis of cost and benefit. To receive an estimate power output at your site, please fill out a Project Evaluation Form at www.gborc.eu or info@gbenergy.eu

Who provides installation and support for E-Rational units?
GB Energy Europe works with end users to engineer, install and commission, as well as provide ongoing service support and monitoring.