Service ORC E-Rational

Guarantees for E-Rational ORC, plumbing, electrical works including commissioning are 24 months from delivery device after trial operation. Warranty is valid and guaranteed in compliance with the operating conditions of the manufacturer, that is 4 times a year service inspection and regular maintenance recommended by E-Rational.

Shutdown of E-Rational ORC in service inspection is between 4-8 hours. Manufacturer‘s recommendations for service, inspection and maintenance is included in the service contract with authorized dealer.

If the equipment is regularly serviced and basic maintenance, the life of E-Rational ORC is 20+ years.

GB Energy Europe – authorized European Dealer is ready to ensure a trained specialist throughout the life of E-Rational unit.

Maintenance costs, service operations specifications, spare parts costs and service operations are specified in the service contract.

ORC E-rational series 4000